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CSG become CiSP Partner

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) delivers a key component of the UK’s cyber security strategy in facilitating the sharing of information on cyber threats in order to make UK businesses more secure in cyberspace.

The partnership includes the introduction of a secure virtual ‘collaboration environment’ where government and industry partners can exchange information on threats and vulnerabilities in real time. The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership will be complemented by a ‘Fusion Cell’ which will be supported on the government side by the Security Service, GCHQ and the National Crime Agency, and by industry analysts from a variety of sectors. They will work together to produce an enhanced picture of cyber threats facing the UK for the benefit of all partners.

Cyber attacks are one of the top four threats to UK national security alongside international terrorism (National Security Strategy 2015). A re-assessment in 2016 has maintained this categorisation.

A recent National Audit Office report has put the cost of cyber crime to the UK as ranging from £18 to £27 billion per annum.

CSG take a proactive approach to IT security and use a combination of industry leading tools designed to provide businesses with extremely high levels of protection for their data and systems. We offer a multi-layered approach to security, securing your infrastructure, endpoints, mobile devices and internet connections against emerging cyber threats.

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