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Case Studies

IP Telephony for Dale Building

The Client

Dale Building Maintenance Ltd is a specialist property maintenance company with Cardiff headquarters and with over twenty years experience, is dedicated to providing a quality and cost effective property maintenance service.

The business employs over 75 staff and has regional offices across Wales and the South West in order to service clients.

The Brief

With a heavy reliance on telecoms services, this being the main channel for clients raising service and maintenance requests to the Cardiff customer service centre, it was important that improvements were made on the continuity of services in the event of a line or phone system outage.  Dale Building had a 15 year old BT system in situ that had an overly large cost each quarter to maintain for both the hardware and recurring telecoms charges for line rental and calls.

After reviewing the telecoms spend, CSG were suprised at how much this was costing the organisation. A new solution was sought that would strengthen the businesses continuity, provide a technology uplift and a measured return on investment.

The organisation's key stakeholders were frustrated with the existing telephone system supplier, with requests taking an age to answer and no dedictaed account maangement in place. Therefore losing flexibility and critical support functions.

The Solution

CSG recommended Dale Building decomssion the costly and unflexible existing legacy systems and migrate to the IP telephony platform.  

The solution recommended was deployment of a 50MB leased line with a FTTC backup connection, through an alternative ISP,  to replace the existing expensive ISDN 30 circuit and provisioned with a Cyberoam next generation firewall. This dedicated connection would manage converged data & voice services but importantly in the event of an outage to the main circuit, would auto failover across to the backup FTTC connection to ensure services are retained. In the event of a loss of all connectivity, calls would be seamlessly distributed to the pre set "DR numbers" for each extension and main incoming lines.

The legacy PBX be replaced with the new IP telephony platform back end, that would provide the required services such as hunt groups, auto attendant, music on hold and management of the 75 plus extensions. Existing telephone numbers for Dale Building were to be retained and migrated to the IP platform, where demands could easily be scaled depending on call volumes. This was very important to the client to ensure normal services were delivered. Mitel 6865i SIP handsets were deployed to the desks and set up with the requirements per user.  Mobile phone integration implemented to ensure key staff are connected to the system irrespective of location and via their iOS and Android devices.

The local network needed attention and was upgraded to HP Procurve POE / Gigabit switches and HP MSM wireless solution to provide a robust WLAN.

The project implementation was managed over "phases" and in line with the timescales of the clients completion date, during standard and out of hours schedules. Training was delivered to the key personnel and further changes made to ensure the system better suited the needs of the staff.

Finally call analytics software was implemented to help the key stakeholders drill down into the performance of the organisation, staff and easily identify periods where resources needed to be adjusted to suit demands. Intelligent wall boards are displayed to showcase how the different teams are working and performing against the set KPI's.

Dale Building migration to IP Telephony

"CSG managed the grant for the leased line and the installation went very smoothly. CSG then came to our offices to train our staff on the new phones, which was really helpful. CSG also listened to what our staff needed and reprogrammed the system to meet their needs.It is probably the single best thing that we have done over the past few years to be honest. We were apprehensive at first as we thought it sounded too good to be true, but since the lease line has been implemented our internet has been superfast and we have had no problem with calls dropping"

James Porch, Service Delivery Manager

The Result

One of the first aspects the client noticed was that it created a really positive atmosphere in the office with the staff using modern equipment. There was an upgrade performed to the core network which, as a result, has improved the speed of the LAN and created a faster robust internet connection. There is also a backup connection in place to ensure services in the event of an outage and the "Mobility" solution helpful when key staff are working remotely.

Overall Dale Building achieved a technology upgrade to a system that is better working to the set needs, have a more robust business continuity plan in place and importantly gained a 58% cost reduction over the previous telecoms spend.