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Case Studies

30 Park Place

The Client

Thirty Park Place is a multi-disciplinary Chambers highly ranked in the major legal directories; offering expert legal advice and representation at all levels of call and across a wide range of practice areas.

With over 67 barristers, primarily based in Cardiff, including 7 QCs assisted by a strong clerking and administration team, Thirty Park Place had some 90 users operating off a dated system that consisted of three servers providing applications, emails and domain services.

The Brief

Members of the Chambers didn’t have effective IT system and were experiencing speed and performance issues. There were incompatibility issues with versions of documents created externally and new versions of Meridian Law required higher performing server infrastructure. What’s more, ageing infrastructure and architecture was more susceptible to failure and limited staff efficiencies.

The Solution

Having evaluated the existing systems and considering a variation of available technologies, CSG advised a system infrastructure along with server virtualisation and virtual desktops with three high performance servers running the latest MS Windows Server and Exchange server operating systems.

This investment means that MS Remote Desktop Services deliver end user computing to thin client devices but are centrally managed for ease of application deployment , hot-desking and on-going administration. The new infrastructure is backed up via disc imaging technology and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

"The upgrade has provided performance gains and ensured our staff can work more efficiently. It is crucial that our staff can access their desktop and data irrespective of what terminal or device they log into the system with. We are very happy with the implementation and the support programme CSG provide us with"

Phillip Griffiths, Senior Clerk

The Result

The investment in infrastructure and server virtualisation has allowed Chambers staff and members to work more efficiently with higher performing equipment and faster architecture. This means that that there is no longer any need for local processing directly at desktop level as this is delivered and managed centrally in the data centre with the virtual desktop environment therefore reducing the desktop cost of ownership and on-going maintenance.

Importantly, Thirty Park Place now benefits from standardised versions of documents and has the required resources to enable the upgrade of the Merdian Law application.

On-going proactive managed support from CSG ensures that the systems are monitored and managed 24/7 while costs have been reduced as a result of lower hardware provisioning, power consumption and desktop ownership costs.

30 Park Place are now using CSG for all aspects of their IT and Telephony systems within an integrated 360° Managed Support Programme.