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Remote Working is snow joke!

British publications have predicted 100 days of snow, which could have a very detrimental effect on the economy. However, even if your staff can’t get into the office the predicted snow fall shouldn’t affect your IT infrastructure and your ability to work.

Forward thinking organisations are safe in the knowledge that when there are extreme weather bouts they have systems in place to ensure continuity for key staff. Technologies from Microsoft and Citrix set up with VPN connections allow remote workers to become an extension of the corporate network enabling access to send and receive data as if they’re locally connected to the private network. This could be for access into the organisations accounts, CRM, email and telephone calls allowing remote workers to function as they would in the office.

Extreme weather can also result in localised flooding. Again some kind of contingency must be put in place for a situation like this. Moving the server environment from a traditional on-premise model to hosting off-site in a secure data centre which is both secure in itself and able to transfer data to other secure sites at a moment’s notice is a vital part of any company’s disaster recovery plan.

CSG can advise your business on solutions that deliver your applications and telephone calls to any destination so that your business can offer the very best service to your customers.


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