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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has released a cutting edge bit of kit that is sure to resolve any issues you have communicating with your teams. No more do we have to have a separate management system outside of 365 to stay on top of what our staff is doing, so no more switching from one application to another to make calls, see tasks, be apart of meetings or check the progress of a project. From now on it is all in on in one place.

Introducing Microsoft Teams a new application that works cross-platform allowing you to throw away the 10 different systems you use to spy on your team and work from one creative hub directly, with the addition of live collaboration and built-in chat you can work with your team on projects in real time, no more saving and sending back and forth it can be done then and there. better still all of this comes with "Enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability" so you know your data will be safe, secure and easy to manage.

A Word document in Teams with multiple people commenting on it

Microsoft Teams allows you to:

  • Work on documents in real time
  • Make calls via the platform
  • Chat with your team via built-in messages
  • Take part in meetings
  • integrate with Office 365 
  • Manage your teams workflow with powerful collaboration tools

Microsoft Teams also allows third-party app integrations so not only can you collaborate on Office 365 projects but pretty much any project your company works on, these apps include Google Analytics, Adobe, Invision, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook and Salesforce. There are so many more apps on their website that you can add in to enhance your collaborative experience. 

Microsoft App Store displayed in Teams

 This tool is powerful and is growing rapidly, it saves time, money and helps develop your business with its all in one solution that is free to Office 356 Customers. It is the future of collaboration that is going to change the way we all work together.

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