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Thousands of Customer Details Stolen From British Airways

The attack reportedly happened between 22:58 BST, 21 August 2018 until 21:45 BST, 5 September 2018 where thousands of customers have had their details stolen from the British Airways website leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, the details that were stolen not only include personal information but also full payment details. British Airways released a statement asking the affected customers to contact their banks and credit card providers as soon as possible, British Airways also promised to compensate all of its affected customers for the breach.

British Airways also neglected to mention how this attack happened in the first place or why they had taken so long to find and eliminate the issue. A few cyber experts have theories on how this could have happened some believe it could have been a script that was embedded that allowed the hackers to read to information that was being entered live on the website, others believe it could have been an inside job due to the fact that BA has very specific information on when the attack happened and the information that was stolen, all we know is that their security systems had failed to pick up on the breach as soon as it happened. 


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