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Why businesses are moving to Office 365

Office 365 was initially released 7 years ago. Most multi-national companies have already moved over, and now SME’s are starting to follow as well. This easy to use, cloud-based platform has a host of services including: online storage, web meetings, Word, Excel, internet calls and the list goes on.

But why are more and more businesses moving over to Office 365, and should you be doing the same?

Office 365 allows you to work anywhere

Do you or your staff work remotely on a regular basis? Do you need access to emails, files and certain Office programs whilst you are out on the go? Office 365 is perfect! As it is all cloud-based, you can access all of that from a desktop pc or even a mobile phone. Think of how productive it would be if your something stopped staff getting into the office for the day. The business decreases its down days and increases its productivity.

It grows with your business

Starting off small but know you will be expanding in the near future? Office 365 offers the flexibility of increasing or decreasing your user licenses as and when you need. It no longer adds lengthy time to your IT teams’ day, and when you set up new offices you just add your licenses to accommodate your new staff.  It also means you don’t have to spend substantial amounts of money in advance for licenses you don’t need.

Everyone can work together

Are several members of your team working on a project together and you are getting conflicting information from all sides? Office 365 allows people to share access to documents, so they can work on it at the same time and you get real-time changes. No multiple copies floating around on the network and everyone knows what they need to do.

Automatic upgrades

Remember when a new version of Word came out, and you had to go around uninstalling and reinstalling on all of the computers? Office 365 takes that away for good! You get automatic free upgrades for programs running under Office 365.

Tailor it for your team

Not all staff need access to the same programs, and Office 365 allows you to tailor your plans with different features and programs for different people. Switch when you need to, you just don’t pay for what you don’t need!

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