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Top Reasons to Backup Your Data

A data backup is a simple copy of your files from your chosen device. It could be a phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. 

With the constant threat of cyber attacks it is always wise to backup your data on a regular basis. But cyber attacks aren't the only reason you should be backing up files. There could be a fire or flood that destroys your on site servers, or even user error could result in the loss of data. So why are they important?

1. Client Relationships

Losing your data due to a fire or flood could be devasting to your business, let alone if there is a cyber attack. If you can't get your business back up and running after an incident, your clients are going to lose trust and could potentially leave to go to your competitors. 

2. Peace of Mind

With some of the technology we use here at CSG, we can restore your data to within five minutes of when it was lost. Imagine how seamless that would be if your systems were infected with ransomware. Our solutions will even alert us if the system thinks a backup is infected, and we can revert back to a previous save. 

3. Money

The cost of not having a backup solution in place can be crippling for a company. In a survey by Acronis, they found that 20% of businesses that suffered data loss, lose customers as well. Imagine the cost of losing 20% of your business. 

4. Business Continuity

If you choose to backup to a cloud system and a fire or flood was to hit your offices overnight, you can access your data from anywhere. You don't need to be sat in the office to get to that storage. So you can carry on working without affecting your staff or your customers, leaving you to sort out any incident that might have happened. 

If you have any questions about what backup solutions we offer, call the team on 0330 400 5465. 

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