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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

As part of the CSG 360° Managed Support Programme our help desk professionals can support your business when you introduce BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) into your organisation. By providing your employees the freedom to work on their personal devices you need to ensure the security of your enterprise data and applications on those devices.


The BYOD suite will give your organisation the flexibility for your employees to have access to corporate applications, e-mail and documents through their personal devices while providing IT with peace of mind through unprecedented BYOD security and ease of deployment and administration then CSG is the right place for you.

BYOD is the ideal solution for professionals across all industries and sectors bringing:

  • Easy and flexible deployment and integration.
  • Complete security across all levels.
  • Secure browser and documents.
  • Ease of administration.
  • Secure mail.
  • Simplified development of mobile applications.

With this proactive approach to supporting your BYOD inclusions problems are identified and solved before they impact on your business.

BYOD is making significant inroads in the business world, with about 75% of employees in high growth markets already using their own technology at work. Surveys have indicated that business and organisations are unable to stop employees from bringing personal devices into the workplace so why not use the fact to their advantage?

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