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The Client

Situated in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan, Vale Business Park has good links to both the A48 and M4, located approximately 7 miles from Bridgend. Whether clients are looking for office space, workshops or long term storage, L.E.L have units that meet all levels. L.E.L have units for long and short term lease with sizes to suit the most varied business needs.

The Brief

It was crucial that the IT systems were kept functional in the event of a hardware failure, routine maintenance or in a disaster situation. L.E.L required an improved method of systems and data backup and a realistic business continuity plan. There were increasing strains on the systems and these impacted the internal environment and with a heavy reliance on outdated technology which would not guarantee quick recovery in the event of a failure or disaster scenario. CSG advised recommendations on how to improve on the existing systems, with Back Up & Disaster Recovery being the focal point for L.E.L.

The Solution

CSG undertook a full evaluation of the systems and infrastructure at L.E.L and this resulted in the implementation of a robust and resilient BUDR plan to ensure continuity in the event of a hardware failure or disaster. More importantly, proactive managed support through our 360° Managed Support Programme ensures the systems are monitored and managed 24/7/365, therefore identifying issues before they impact on the business. L.E.L will have access to and be provided with weekly/monthly operating reports and an immediate response from our dedicated helpdesk which in turn is replicated across three separate CSG offices. L.E.L systems and data will be automatically backed up and held securely plus they now benefit from a comprehensive disaster contingency plan.

The Result

The BUDR strategies implemented by CSG made sure all the critical data was backed up depending upon the L.E.L’s needs. Whenever a restore was needed the backups were available to restore the data to a point-in-time prior to failure. This solution protected valuable company information/data and provided protection from any major business disasters such as fire, theft, system failure and more.  

This proactive approach to supporting L.E.L's systems means that problems can be identified and solved without L.E.L even knowing about them creating less downtime or slow response times as a result.

"As we constantly strive towards a paperless system of working, reliable data storage and retrieval become essential in the day to day running of the business. The BUDR plan supplied by CSG has provided us with a safe, reliable and seamless back-up solution that ensures that our valuable data is always accessible and secure."

Karen Tilley, L.E.L Properties