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The Client

Cuddy are specialists in complex fields such as integrated decommissioning, demolition, land remediation, environmental risk assessment, asbestos management, environmental and civil engineering services, and are able to provide complete land regeneration working with UK and international clients.

With nearly 40 years’ experience, Cuddy Group has seen the industry change many times, and has always kept itself at the forefront of that change. Cuddy have developed into a leading multidisciplinary contractor offering a truly comprehensive, integrated service to clients in development, construction, energy and many other sectors.

The Brief

Cuddy had no interaction between existing systems, which made the accessing of data, contracts, job costings and generating reports very time consuming. There was a requirement to have specialist construction software that was flexible enough to cope with demands and enable the business to have greater control so that informed business decisions could be made. 

Cuddy had no specialist construction package. Their system was unable to deal with retentions, applications for payment and certificates for payment. All the business dealings with sub contractors were kept on spreadsheets and the system was an accounts only package and this created multiple duplications of workload.  

The Solution

CSG recommended Pegasus CIS. The implementation of CIS would allow Cuddy to grow the system within the organisation, where additional users, companies and applications could be added via a software license. The new software made the monitoring of performance on jobs far quicker. It has also improved transparency of how much value has been applied on each contract and how much has been paid on these contracts. The new system deals with all sub contractor management in one place, from application, payments, producing CIS Tax Returns and Sub Contractor Vouchers. The Pegasus CIS system is an integral application to the organisation and delivered  a return on the investment.

The Result

There has been a large improvement in the efficiencies within the company on day to day basis. Cuddy have managed to grow the business within the last four years since the implementation and Pegasus CIS is now engrained within its operations. Improvements to the accounts system has freed individuals to deal with the extra volume of worked as a direct result of the increase in turnover.

The Pegasus investment is proactively supported by CSG's fully accredited and trained support staff to ensure it continues to be an important and valuable piece of software for Cuddy.

"We required a flexible system that could cope with the way the construction industry works and manage applications for payments, retentions, purchasing for jobs, subcontractors, special VAT scheme, and the various CIS taxation schemes. We are very happy with Pegasus CIS and Opera 3 as its suits our needs. CSG managed the implementation and have a recently upgraded our systems to the SQL software version. Whenever there is a query, CSG’s team are there to provide support as required. We would recommend CSG to any company thinking of implementing business critical software."

Aled Davies, Management Accountant