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Enterprise Cloud Storage

Enterprise Cloud Storage

One of the major challenges facing enterprise oragnisations is big data growth and the amount of storage management work required to keep up with it. Using industry standard hardware and based on Microsoft technologies, CSG will work with your business to understand the obstacles you are facing with your data and will recommend a solution to service your growing demands and help deliver a reliable and high-performance storage infrastructure.

Enterprise storage involves the use of a storage area network (SAN), and includes benefits such as high availability and disaster recovery, data sharing, and efficient, reliable backup and restoration functions. Failure of a server never results in a loss of access to critical information and applications.

Data volumes are rapidly expanding, creating new challenges and costs for IT departments. By utilising industry standard platforms and our industry expertise, your organisation can grow your storage elastically as needs increase.

We can help to:

  • Provide the high performance your private cloud deployments require.
  • Maintain service through hardware failure, without disruption to storage availability.
  • Scale your storage requirements easily as demands increase.
  • Reduce costs, while maintaining performance and availability of traditional storage methods.
  • Provision a flexible hybrid storage solution for your primary storage, archive and disaster recovery needs.

Enterprise Cloud Storage solutions from CSG boosts your organisation's productivity, so you can make the most of your IT budget and give your employees the power to have flexible storage at their fingertips.  All while keeping your data as available and secure as it should be.

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