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Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

Access your desktop and applications from any device and any location at any time!

With the CSG Hosted Desktop service you can access all your business files, data and applications, wherever you are. The Hosted Desktop can be accessed from almost any internet ready PC or mobile device via a simple browser based login, even over 3G/4G. Powered by industry leading Citrix technology, it’s not only fast and secure, but brings a new level of mobility to your business.

Your organisation will not require expensive server infrastructure or IT equipment onsite and we will even provide managed internet connections to suit your requirements to ensure your business has a reliable Hosted Desktop service.

"CSG have provided an increase in performance by moving us from traditional desktops to thin clients with everything running a lot quicker in a hosted enironment. This then means that our staff can be more productive and the business becomes more streamlined."

Paul Snook, Purple Mustard Ltd

Key Features of Hosted Desktop with CSG

Hosted Desktop your way

  • With CSG's Hosted Desktop you get the ultimate in flexibility to tailor a service around your needs. Choose the operating system style you prefer! 

Exclusive Two-Factor Login Security 

  • We know security is key in the cloud, and with our enhanced two-factor authenticated login option, users have the highest levels in access security to protect your important data with our SMS based keyless solution. 

Secure ISO:27001 Certified UK Data Centres 

  • We’ll always keep you desktop and data safely in the UK in our highly secure ISO:27001 certified datacentre, supporting your data sovereignty and compliance requirements. 

Microsoft Office 365 

  • You can choose Office 365 as part of your desktop, or opt for Office 2013 Standard if that’s all you need to use and save money. 

FREE Application Server 

  • As part of our Multi-user packages we’ll provide you with your own application server completely FREE! Again all hosted in our highly secure datacentre. 


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