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IT Security

IT Security

With over 3 billion known security breaches affecting small, medium and large enterprises within the last 12 months, it is critical that your organisation has a robust strategy towards cyber security.

We take a proactive approach to IT security and use a combination of industry leading tools designed to provide businesses with extremely high levels of protection for their data and systems. We offer a multi-layered approach to security, securing your infrastructure, endpoints, mobile devices and internet connections against emerging cyber threats.

We are resellers of industry-leading security vendors and design, provision and secure networks for hundreds of organisations. Our expertise includes;


Sophos XG Firewalls  Sophos integrates multiple features on a single appliance to offer comprehensive network security. Sophos works at the network gateway and protects against application threats, vulnerabilities in web applications, BYOD challenges, data leakage over websites, sophisticated blended attacks, malware, spam, spyware and other evolving external threats. Click here to download a brochure


Managed & Proactive SecurityManaged Anti Virus & Anti Malware  Today’s threats are pervasive and deadly and our proactive anti virus software has proven itself through independent testing to be the best endpoint security protection software, without compromising performance. We provide proactive and comprehensive security, monitoring and management of your endpoint devices.  Click here to dowload a datasheet

 "95% of small and midsize businesses have an anti-virus installed, but 74% still experienced attacks last year."


EmaEmail Securityil Security CSG's multi-layered virus and spam protection service stops viruses/spam before they reach your network, ensuring your business avoids costs like system downtime, productivity loss and brand damage. The content control service scans and filters email text and the content of any attachments to identify confidential, malicious and inappropriate language, as well as offensive jokes and other inappropriate content sent or received by employees. Should your mail server suffer a failure or go offline your business can continue to operate as normal and receive emails and documents.


Managed Anti Exploit & Anti Ransomware CSG's next generation, end-point protection adds technologies on top of your current endpoint security to give you complete, layered protection. The days of straightforward file scanning are long gone. Your goal is now to prevent threats from reaching your devices, stop them before they run, detect them if they have bypassed preventative methods, and not just clean up malware, but analyse and undo everything it does to your endpoints. Sophos Intercept X uses multiple layers of technology, allowing you to create your own tailored next-generation endpoint security solution. Click here to download a datasheet


Security Audit

After getting to know your business, we will audit your existing systems using industry leading techniques and design a network security solution to suit your needs and budget which will in turn, offer you a greater insight into your network performance and security. There is a limit to the number of FREE audits we can provide each month and this offer is valid for a limited time only. We would love to help your organisation so why not get in touch and secure yours now?


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