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FREE IT site audit for accountants and financial services - worth £1500!

A free site audit can help you to understand what is holding your IT infrastructure back.

The ability to securely store confidential client data is of utmost importance to financial services organisations, accountants and tax advisors. That’s why one of the primary areas to focus on in accountancy IT maintenance should be ensuring that the large number of transactions between clients and accountants handled daily are well protected, thus providing peace of mind for both parties involved.

CSG’s IT experts are familiar with the unique set of technological requirements of accountants, tax advisors or financial services providers to meet clients’ needs, such as ensuring constant access to computer systems is available for staff, bookkeepers and CPAs, reliable networks and up-to-date, fully integrated software.

Our free IT site audit can provide accessible advice on how to manage staff time and focus, time and billing applications, and the security of transferring and storing confidential personal and business tax data. The site audit would also identify any issues and recommend solutions.

Is your accountancy practice at risk of sensitive information leaks or data loss? Do you have to deal with:

Outdated IT infrastructure that slows daily operations?

Poor level of security making both yours and your clients’ data vulnerable to hacking and cyber-attacks?

The necessity to guarantee complete confidentiality with IT documents, files etc.?

A need to modernise processes and work remotely?

A struggle to make the different software packages you need work together?

A second-rate disaster recovery system?

A need for virtualisation?

As an established Managed Service Provider, we have worked with accountancy firms for many years to ensure that their IT services are performing to a high standard. Our extensive experience in financial & accountancy services means we are able to grasp the complexities of industry-specific software such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Sage&Iris packages, and many others so make the most of our skills and expertise by signing up for a free site audit for your financial services firm using the above form. 

CSG Site Audit

Accountants, tax advisors or financial services organisations will all benefit from a thorough analysis of IT systems and processes. We'll identify where your current technology could be dated and preventing you from achieving your business objectives and recommend solutions. This includes everything from security, servers and hardware efficiency checks to internet speeds, email, disaster recovery, system speeds or a secure migration path to adoption of cloud computing services.

"Our experience with CSG has been very seamless and effortless. We are extremely happy with the service. We would recommend CSG based on price and on the fact that they are very approachable and friendly. CSG always have a solution to any query, which we really appreciate! CSG’s engineers on the phones are always very helpful and explain things without being too technical. They definitely speak in a way that is easy to understand!"

Michelle Brown, Curtis Bowden & Thomas Ltd

How to request your free site audit IT for accountants and financial services (worth £1,500)

We'd love to help your organisation so why not get in touch and secure your financial services IT site audit now? Simply fill out the form above and we'll be back in touch shortly.

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