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FREE IT site audit for construction firms - worth £1500!

A free site audit can help you to understand what is holding your IT infrastructure back. 

At CSG, we know that technology is crucial to ensuring construction firm employees stay connected with their the office and clients, as well as being able to access the tools of the trade; to maximise productivity for your construction company, you need a strong IT infrastructure which allows you to spend much of your working hours on-site whilst remaining seamlessly linked to your co-workers and software.

Commercial contractors are often heavily reliant on the use of tablets or hand-held devices which gives them access to crucial information and allows them to communicate amongst themselves, oversee subcontractors, order materials and manage cash flow on the go. 

Stay up-to-date and informed about key projects with comprehensive IT tools and applications which allow you and your staff to manage projects, access schedules and stay in touch with clients from any location.

Book a site audit for your construction company to identify issues with and receive suggested solutions for productivity-crucial IT matters such as:

• Simplifying your IT operations to allow better focus on core construction activities thus increasing profitability 

• Eliminate interruptions to your network operations between employees on the field and the office

• Ensure your network is secured to protect intellectual property e.g. house specs and project bids, while keeping it accessible for staff and clients on the move.

• Make the most your IT budget with affordable services and highly-skilled IT support team

As an established Managed Service Provider, CSG has provided IT support for construction businesses for many years to ensure that their IT services are performing to a high standard. We have extensive experience supporting industry specific software suites such as Redsky, COINS, Pegasus CIS, Sage Construct and Autocad, and putting our knowledge to use supporting core applications responsible for project and document management, estimating and accounting of your firm. Take advantage of our skills, expertise and advice by requesting a free site audit for your construction firm using the form above.

CSG Site Audit

Your construction business will benefit from a thorough analysis of IT systems and processes. We'll identify where your current technology could be dated and preventing you from achieving your business objectives and recommend solutions. This includes everything from security, servers and hardware efficiency checks to internet speeds, email, disaster recovery, system speeds or a secure migration path to adoption of cloud computing services. 

"We required a flexible system that could cope with the way the construction industry works and manage applications for payments, retentions, purchasing for jobs, subcontractors, special VAT scheme, and the various CIS taxation schemes. We are very happy with Pegasus CIS and Opera 3 as its suits our needs. CSG managed the implementation and have a recently upgraded our systems to the SQL software version. Whenever there is a query, CSG’s team are there to provide support as required. We would recommend CSG to any company thinking of implementing business critical software."

Aled Davies, Management Accountant for Cuddy

How to request a FREE IT site audit for your construction firm (worth £1,500)

We'd love to help your organisation so why not get in touch and secure your construction IT site audit now? Simply fill out the form above and we'll be back in touch shortly.

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