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FREE IT site audit for law firms - worth £1500!

A free site audit can help you to understand what is holding your IT infrastructure back. 

So many law firms are having to deal with an law firm IT infrastructure that hinders productivity and slows down decision making. Yet most are well aware that an infrastructure that can handle the fast-paced and ever-changing legal world is a fundamental requirement. 

Whether older generations of server software are causing secure storage and filing issues, your employees find it difficult to work remotely, slow software and internet speeds mean keeping in touch with client cases is a challenge or you simply need a modern and efficient way for various branches of your law firm to access the same data and infrastructure, our free IT site audit can identify these issues and recommend solutions.

Is your law firm suffering from these productivity-hindering IT issues? Do you have...

A dated infrastructure that slows day-to-day operations?
A system that could be vulnerable to cyber security attacks?
A need to ensure complete confidentiality with IT documents, files etc?
A need for cloud computing to modernise processes and working remotely?
A disaster recovery system that isn't up to standard?
A need for virtualisation?
As an established Managed Service Provider, we have worked with law firms for many years to ensure that their IT services are performing to a high standard. Having worked in the legal sector for many years, we understand the intricacies of working with industry-specific software such as Iris, Lex, SOS Legal, Big Hand, Leap and many others, so take advantage of our skills, expertise and advice by requesting a free site audit for your law firm using the form above.

CSG Site Audit

Your law firm will benefit from a thorough analysis of IT systems and processes. We'll identify where your current technology could be dated and preventing you from achieving your business objectives and recommend solutions. This includes everything from security, servers and hardware efficiency checks to internet speeds, email, disaster recovery, system speeds or a secure migration path to adoption of cloud computing services. 

"The upgrade has provided performance gains and ensured our staff can work more efficiently. It is crucial that our staff can access their desktop and data irrespective of what terminal or device they log into the system with. We are very happy with the implementation and the support programme CSG provide us with" 

Phillip Griffiths, Senior Clerk at Thirty Park Place Chambers

How to request your free IT for law firms site audit (worth £1,500)

We'd love to help your organisation so why not get in touch and secure your legal IT site audit now? Simply fill out the form above and we'll be back in touch shortly.

To note: This offer is limited by monthly applications. Please get in touch to learn more.

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