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CSG is an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. This means we hold expert experience in delivering Microsoft’s AI offer. We’ll help you get everything set up so that you can sit back and enjoy the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, empowering everyone to work more productively.

Learn directly from Microsoft during our partner-hosted webinar with Chris Williams, Microsoft Guest Speaker:

  • Learn it once, use it everywhere – with unified AI capabilities, you’ll be able to access AI assistance from anywhere.
  • Redefine how you interact with the web – quickly complete tasks and bolster your creativity with Copilot in Bing and Edge.
  • Take creativity to the next level – create amazing AI-generated images with just your words using Bing Image Creator in Microsoft Designer, now in preview.
  • Stay connected across devices and experiences – make the most of all the latest AI tools across all your work devices, safely with CSG mobile device management.

Contact CSG today so that you can learn how to get started and continue with the pillars of AI success, including:

  • Business strategies, such as objectives, use cases, and measurement of AI.
  • Technology readiness for successful AI deployments.
  • AI expertise that embeds AI into the fabric of your business.
  • An organization and culture that supports AI.
  • Governance to help ensure AI systems are developed responsibly.

We believe in a future where there will be a Copilot for everyone and everything you do.” – Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

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