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The Importance Of A Network Audit

A network audit of your IT systems is crucial for you to benchmark where your IT infrastructure lies in comparison to the most high-tech systems of today. Our trusted partners have provided us here at CSG with world-class IT systems that have fully secured our databases and ensured we have peace at mind when it comes to potential threats and risks.

What our audit entails…

1. Contact

We will arrange a call or meeting with you to discuss your business needs and what systems you currently have in place within your IT infrastructure.
This will allow us to gain an insight into what areas we think could be improved, and allows us to assess all areas thoroughly.

2. Audit

Then, we will carry out a full network audit of your IT system and see whether your complete IT infrastructure is as good as the newest technologies available. We have close partnerships with top-end IT technology system providers that we can compare against also.

3. Report

Finally, we will issue a report which will display everything we have uncovered about your IT infrastructure during the audit. It will show what is working well for you and what needs improvement and could potentially allow risks to affect your business. We will also provide you with solutions for any negative areas detected and help you to ensure you have world-class protection for your business.

Some of our Trusted Partners….

Our Audit – The benefits

  • Carefully assess any susceptibility to threat – the audit will fully take into account all security measures that are already in place and see how they are performing in terms of protection against threats.
  • Keeps data secure – an IT audit ensures the confidentiality, and integrity of the data are fully protected.
  • Full evaluation – it will give a full run-down of your network, systems and endpoints, and suggest what can be improved.
  • Can help increase business performance – once your audit is done and improvements have been made, this can severely increase business performance by minimising downtime that could’ve been disastrous previously.
  • Our audit is world-class due to our partnerships with multinational companies who provide us with top-end systems and it’s completely free.


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