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CSG has discovered that Outlook users were targeted in a recent phishing scam in which unsuspecting users were tricked into opening the wrong attachment.

Once the attached file had been opened, users were asked to enter their account credentials.

Once entered, the credentials were sent to the attacker. Users might think that their usernames and passwords are not as valuable as their credit card information and are therefore not as careful to protect their login credentials to various sites. But the fact is, that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be up to ten times more valuable than credit card data for cyber criminals. Getting a user’s login credentials can be the first step of creating a full profile of that person, which might include their full name, address, national insurance number, their mother’s maiden name, place of birth and even the name of their first dog!

In addition to employing a next generation security gateway appliance product such as a Cyberoam firewall, companies should educate their users to be suspicious of emails that seem to come from unrecognised senders or ask the recipient to confirm personal information over the Internet. Users should furthermore be trained not to click on links or attachments from unknown senders and beware of pop-up screens.

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