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The world’s best
visibility, protection, and response.

Here at CSG, we use Sophos XG Firewall Security Appliances. It provides next-generation protection and exposes risks, blocks threats and automatically responds to incidents.

Why Sophos XG?

  • It can show who is at risk, unknown apps on a system, advanced threats, suspicious payloads and more.
  • Sophos XG has the latest technology to protect your network from ransomware
  • It will find the source and the limit access of any infection. This is thanks to Sophos Security Heartbeat™.
  • XG is fast. The appliances use Intel multi-core technology, solid-state drives and accelerated in-memory content scanning.
  • We can manage all of your products through Sophos Central and provide up-to-date reports back to you.

73% of black hat hackers said traditional firewall and antivirus security is irrelevant or obsolete

X Stream

The XG firewall's brand new X Stream design allows incredible levels of protection, performance and visibility. TLS Inspection allows industry-leading visibility into all encrypted traffic that appears in your network with support for TLS 1.3. DPI Engine delivers enhanced protection in a single streaming engine to stop those unrecognised threats. Network Flow Fast Path's more trusted and advanced Cloud, Saas and VoIP application traffic for performance like never before.

Visibility Into What's Happening On Your Network

XG Firewall removes an enormous blind spot, providing extreme visibility and insight into all of your network traffic, whether it's encrypted, evasive or elusive. You can accelerate the applications you want and control the applications that you don't want with unmatched app identification. Identify malicious threats to stop attacks, and breaches instantly.

Secure Remote Workers

XG Firewall makes it easy to extend your secure network to employees anywhere. With free, easy-to-use VPN client, your remote workers can gain easily accessible and secure resources on the corporate network. SOHO protection with XG 86 or SD- RED provides the ultimate manageable and hi-tech protection. Whilst, mobile VPN allows mobile devices to make use of built in or app-based VPN options- including IP Sec and SSL VPN- for secure access to your Next Gen firewall-protected network.

XG Series Appliances

XG Series hardware appliances are built for purpose and have the newest multi-core processors, generous RAM provisioning, solid-state storage and flexible connectivity options. So, if you want industry-leading performance at the best price - look no further.

Central Cloud Management

Use the New Group Firewall Management tools in Sophos Central to make changes to one or more of your Firewalls. Visualise your network activity and security whilst utilising flexible reporting tools to get a customised report. Easily deploy new XG firewall devices from Sophos Central without even touching them.

Complete Next Generation Protection

XG Firewall provides an incredibly efficient web-based management device that offers speedy access to all the features you need without unnecessary complexity. Combined with Sophos Central this Next Gen Firewall is all you need to look for in your protective measures.

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