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Windows Virtual Desktop is a virtualisation service that runs completely in the cloud and delivered through Microsoft Azure. It is the only virtual desktop infrastructure that delivers multi-session Windows 10.

Virtualisation helps to address several specific needs. It can provide security and regulation, it’s available to specific employees, it can help with short term employees, mergers & acquisitions and it can assist with specialised workloads.

Flexible and Scalable

Due to the fact Windows Virtual Desktop exists in the cloud, you only pay for virtual machines and storage that is used by employees enabling you to choose which option best suits your business. We can also provide your staff with seamless access to their desktop, regardless of their device or location.

With your machines virtualised in the cloud, you’ll see a reduction in cost and you’ll be able to access your systems if your hardware were to be damaged or stolen. With its ability to be virtualised in any location and on any device, this makes Windows Virtual Desktop a key component in business continuity plans. Windows Virtual Desktop comes with a comprehensive list of compliance certifications and has dedicated experts monitoring data security and privacy.

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