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Email security just got a whole lot smarter with AI.

AI is an email security system that predicts and prevents the threats of today, and prepares for any new threats tomorrow is exactly what growing businesses need.

How can email threats be detrimental?

Email threats are becoming increasingly more advanced and so, the risk of clicking on a counterfeit link that is leaked with malware is more tempting, and believable than ever before.

With the risk of email threats being so high, without the correct email security measures in place, your businesses could have to pay a substantial amount of money to recover from an attack.

This is why you need Sophos Email which is integrated into Sophos Central.

Key Features

  • Predict the Future

Sophos Email sandboxing is a deep learning neural network, able to block zero-day malware and unwanted applications. It sees the threats approaching and on instinct blocks them before they can have impact.

  • Prevent Ransomware

Our most cultivated anti-ransomware technology ever. With behavioural analysis at use, Sophos email security stops undiscovered ransomware and the most advanced attacks in its tracks.

  • Block Stealth Attacks

Extremely fast URL protection checks the website reputation of email links before delivery and again when you click blocking attacks and threats that other email security can completely miss.

Block Phishing Imposters

We've made blocking imposters much more simple. It uses; a combination of SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication techniques, email header anomaly analysis, display name and lookalike domain analysis. Compares the display name of inbound emails to the display name of commonly abused cloud service brand names and checks for other matches. Suspicious messages can be blocked, quarantined, tagged with a subject line warning, and added to the block list.

Protection from Spam and Malware

Processing millions of emails per day, the latest threat intelligence ensures a threat will never be missed. IP reputation filtering blocks up to 90% of spam at the door, Anti-spam and antivirus engines catch the rest and Email filtering uses advanced detection methods across multiple languages.

Respond to Cyber Threats Faster

Only Sophos Central lets you build and manage multiple lines of defence from email-borne threats, allowing you to respond to threats faster, including:- secure email, cybersecurity awareness training, plus next generation endpoint protection.

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