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Businesses in the UK are attacked on a daily basis by cyber criminals, and with the damages now running into the billions around the world, it is important that you have complete, layered protection.

Here at CSG, we can implement Sophos Intercept X and Endpoint Protection Advanced to give you anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, cause analysis, system clean and the best anti-malware.

Key Features

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Anti Ransomware
  • Deep Learning Technology
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Managed Threat Response
  • Active Adversary Mitigations

Research indicates that year-over-year Ransomware downtime costs are up 200%

Harness The Power Of A Deep Learning Neural Network

Intercept X uses deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning to detect both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures. With deep learning technology Sophos Intercept X is even more smart, scalable and more defensive against the most advanced threats - some which haven't yet been discovered.

Stop Ransomware In It's Tracks

Intercept X blocks ransomware and any potential threats that could maliciously encrypt files on your device. Any files that were encrypted previously can be rolled back to a safe state with little to no impact on the rest of the business, meaning complete worker continuity.

Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR)

Intercept X advanced with EDR allows you to query any question you have regarding the past or the present status of your machines. Hunt threats have the ability to detect any suspicious, active adversaries, or leverage for IT operations to maintain complete IT security health. The moment an issue is found the protection measures kick-in and deal with it immediately.

Synchronise Your Firewall And Endpoint Security

Strengthen your protective measures using defence mechanisms that communicate with each other. Synchronised Security enables your computers and firewalls to share real-time intelligence. This gives you the most advanced protection available. It allows you to instantly clean up any malware and have 100% visibility of all of your apps that appear in your network.

Managed Threat Response

With 24/7 proactive hunting by an elite team of threat analysts, immediate responses to these threats are made. An insight from these threats is then discovered by detecting the root cause of the issue and then measures are put in place so this does not happen again. This technology is constantly improving itself which is why it is the best platform for ultimate protection.

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