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At CSG, we live and breathe IT and everything that comes with it. All our staff are incredibly passionate about technology and together we have embraced the new advancements that the sector has offered throughout the years.

Our Technical Operations Manager, Rhodri Griffiths, is at the heart of the technical team and understands the impact IT can have on businesses. Rhodri joined CSG in 1995, before then pursuing a career in London, and then returned to CSG to use his breath of experience to help the company grow.

Rhodri explains why CSG has, and always will be, enthusiastic about using technology to help businesses:

1. Technology is always evolving and adapting

I find technology very exciting as I enjoy the fact that we can make our lives in work much easier by using technology. For example, the development of virtualisation means that it can rapidly reduce recovery time in the event of a disaster and creates an efficient and agile business IT infrastructure. One of the best parts of my job is using the latest technology and designing solutions for our customers.

2. IT can save money and make businesses work better

As technology has matured, the price of using IT has decreased, meaning that more and more businesses can use the latest technologies. Historically businesses were forced to have servers installed locally, which was very expensive. Nowadays they can have all their resources centralised on the Cloud which brings the costs down significantly.

3. It gives small businesses the opportunity to grow

When I first started working in IT it was very difficult for smaller businesses to use the latest technologies as they were very expensive. As I have previously mentioned developments like the Cloud have enabled smaller businesses, who might not have the money for an entire exchange system, to now have the option of full functionality. At CSG we are able to supply a full suite of applications for a small monthly fee, which is great news for smaller businesses. The internet as a whole has also brought commerce to small businesses, as traditionally they would not have been able to afford an online presence.

4. The next big thing is always around the corner

When I came back to CSG after gaining experience elsewhere, we started to work on enabling our customers to have a Cloud resource on a local premise. This was before Cloud had really taken off and it was a great example of CSG keeping ahead of the trends. We have always looked at the next thing, but never for the sake of it, as I want something that is going to work and help the customer. It’s a great feeling to serve our customer’s needs when we find the right solution.

If you would like to learn more about CSG’s passion for IT, find out how our services can help you.

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