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Butlin's hack sees over 34,000 guests details stolen following a phishing attack.

The breach took place between 8th and 10th August 2018. Customer data was accessed and information including e-mail addresses had been stolen from Butlin’s. Hackers managed to steal the data of 34,000 customers that they have on record. Butlin’s issued a statement claiming that no payment information has been stolen and that they have set up a dedicated team to contact those affected.

This breach was believed to have been caused by a phishing e-mail. A common practice by cyber-criminals to infiltrate a system and retrieve information. Phishing is just one form of cyber-crime being used right now. There are countless other ways a hacker can infiltrate the infrastructure of companies, especially if the security system being used is old.  Cyber-crime is so advanced these days that you need a system with regular updates to combat new threats. It needs to be managed 24/7 and have multiple defence protocols.

That type of security system is where CSG comes in to play. If you are worried about your current security solution or think it might need an update then give us a call. We can help install new security systems keeping your information safe.

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