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5 ways college students can use Copilot for Microsoft 365

A primary concern surrounding generative AI is its potential to foster cheating and undermine students’ educational integrity. Nonetheless, when wielded appropriately, generative AI holds substantial promise as a tool for enhancing learning, comprehension, and information retention. Microsoft is actively disseminating strategies for students to harness these advantages responsibly.

During its global digital event, Reimagine Education, Microsoft spotlighted the inventive ways educational institutions leverage technology. A significant portion of the event spotlighted the burgeoning trend of generative AI. Seizing the moment, Microsoft announced that beginning April 1st, Copilot for Microsoft 365 will be purchasable by higher education institutions as an add-on for their students aged 18 and above.

To equip educators and students with the necessary tools for the effective utilisation of generative AI, Microsoft unveiled a Microsoft Education AI Toolkit, an AI in Education Report, and a range of methods for students to integrate AI into their Microsoft 365 workflows.

1. Don’t miss a thing in Microsoft Teams

With Copilot integrated into Microsoft Teams, students gain access to swift summaries of chats, remote classes, meetings, or calls they engage in. This feature facilitates staying informed, reviewing crucial details, and allocating attention to priority tasks. Moreover, Copilot aids in crafting responses, potentially saving time for students while enhancing their ability to articulate thoughts with peers and faculty.

2. Access writing assistant in Microsoft Word

While Copilot in Microsoft Word excels at generating text from scratch, its true worth for students extends beyond mere text creation. Students can enhance their understanding of documents by identifying and flagging sections they find challenging. Subsequently, Copilot can offer additional insights, generate summaries, or transform the text into visual aids like tables. Moreover, Copilot surpasses conventional spellchecks by providing more comprehensive editing, including syntax refinement, conciseness improvements, and more.

3. Never miss an email in Outlook

For students, managing their inboxes can consume valuable time that could be more effectively spent on tasks like studying, completing assignments, or reviewing materials. This is where Copilot in Outlook comes in handy, offering a solution by condensing lengthy email threads into concise summaries. Additionally, Copilot assists students in composing and refining emails, streamlining the process and ensuring clearer communication in less time.

4. Create presentations from a prompt in Microsoft PowerPoint

For students, presentations can evoke anxiety as public speaking isn’t universally comfortable. Hence, the optimal preparation involves thorough familiarity with the content and rehearsing the intended speech. Yet, time intended for practice is often consumed by crafting visually appealing slide decks, incorporating text and images. Copilot in PowerPoint streamlines this process, making slide deck creation effortless. It can generate a complete presentation from a single prompt and even reorganise the content into coherent sections for improved flow.

5. Interact with Data with Copilot in Excel

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel develops over time through practice and experience. Copilot in Excel bridges this skills gap by identifying insights, visualising data, and addressing queries. When constructing an Excel spreadsheet, students can leverage Copilot for assistance in sorting, filtering, and generating data, enabling them to allocate less time to formatting and more time to comprehension.

If you’re in the education sector and you’re looking to stay ahead of the technology then set up a meeting with CSG today to learn more about the opportunities that Microsoft Copilot can provide your organisation.

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