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Do you struggle to receive mobile signal when you are out of the office but find perfect signal in your home? Unreliable mobile coverage is something that impacts many people, but it doesn’t have to be a problem.

At CSG, we have created a unique mobile service which means that your business can access the best possible mobile coverage. This is called MultiNet and we think it will change the way you view your mobile.

Sign up to MultiNet today

MultiNet is a bolt-on for our mobile tariffs and allows your mobile to access multiple networks so that you always get the best possible coverage. This means that MultiNet is a seamless service as it is able to move to any available network, even if it’s not your primary network. So, if there is an available mobile network, your mobile will still be able to take calls and work as normal. MultiNet also works without needing to download an app, so it won’t take up extra storage on your phone.

Choose CSG Mobile

If your mobile signal is holding your business back, then MultiNet can help. It is easy to become a MultiNet customer as all you need is to sign up to CSG Mobile. There are many benefits to our mobile service, as we are able to offer a unique support package that is bespoke to your needs.

CSG is also a Mobile Virtual Network Operator which means we can make changes to your mobile directly and we don’t need to ask a third party to help. You will also have complete control over your services, tariffs and commercials if you join CSG mobile. In essence, your business is able to have the flexibility of a large mobile carrier but also the care of an independent provider.

Many businesses are already experiencing the benefits of CSG mobile as along with MultiNet they are able to enjoy corporate group data bundles, reduced roaming charges, data and application security and much more!

Enjoy boosted mobile signal!

So, your business could soon be enjoying an improved mobile service if you choose CSG Mobile and add MultiNet to your package. We have a highly trained UK customer service team so if you have any questions before or after joining they are always on hand to help.

Remember, don’t let your business suffer from a poor mobile signal via a single network, as 2016 can be the year that you push the boundaries of your mobile coverage!

To find out more information about MultiNet please get in touch.

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