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Experts predict a 50% increase in the use of data by 2020 yet only 9% of businesses actually have a disaster recovery plan in place. Just think of the issues that you are exposing your business too! Fire, theft, system failure, disgruntled employees. The list is endless. You can’t stop disasters from happening but you can stop business loss in the event of disaster. Just as occurred on Friday 5th June at a recycling centre in Brynmenyn Industrial Estate in Bridgend when major fire broke out.

At its height, 65 firefighters tackled the blaze at a matress recycling centre broke out with 1,000 gas cylinders at 09:00 BST.

Council contractors will now start to make the site safe and an investigation into the fire is expected to start on Monday.

All roads in the surrounding area have now reopened however all businesses were forced to close around 13.00 BST and our staff working at our head office in Bridgend asked to evacuate the premises.

Cooling jets had to be used on gas cylinders, which weighed up to 47kg (104lb) each, on the site.

However all was not lost! Due to our robust disaster recovery plan, we were still able to continue to operate and support our customers, with staff from the Bristol offices continuing to work as normal and other staff reverting to remote working. There was no loss of service to our customers.

We are specialist providers of disaster recovery services and help in ensure organisations continue to operate should the worst occur. Disaster Recovery is part of the CSG 360° Managed Support Programme, giving our helpdesk the ability to deploy, configure, manage, monitor, secure, backup and restore distributed systems from a single management console.

When was the last time your backup system was restored to prove its reliability?

Contact us to review your existing systems and implement a service to ensure your businesses continuity in the event of a fire, flood or any other disaster scenario.

“Business continuity is essential for our organisation. That’s why we chose CSG to manage our business continuity planning for us. Knowing that the team is managing and monitoring our systems back-up gives real peace of mind.”

Vicky Fraser, Construction sector

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