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A recent survey concerning information security confirmed over 60% of small & medium businesses encountered a security breach within the last 12 months.

With a heavy reliance on IT and the growth of mobile working, mobile devices and BYOD are you confident your organisation has the appropriate security in place to protect your IT investments against the latest emerging threats?

We can help protect your organisation against such threats by;

  • Undertaking an audit of your existing systems and diagnosing the shortfalls
  • Recommend best practises for IT security using market leading software and hardware
  • Implement robust and intelligent Cyberoam firewalls that deal with threats at the network perimeter, such as viruses, spam and even provide statistics on your organisations internet usage down to user level
  • Provide a Managed Security service where the anti virus is deployed, managed and monitored on a proactive basis, alerting to our helpdesk team any viruses and even if an endpoint does not update correctly. This stops issues before they become a large problem to your business
  • Provide weekly / monhly reports on the health of your systems security

CSG are specialists in IT security and will be happy to survey your systems and advise on your business on the appropriate security strategy.

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