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How much sensitive company data sits on your work phone? What would it cost you if a device was left unprotected and was attacked? How much time do you spend managing mobile devices within your business? Here we look at how you can protect and manage your mobile workforce with Mobile Device Management, Mobile Security and Endpoint Protection.

Trying to manage all of your business mobile devices by yourself is incredibly time consuming and really expensive. We advise that businesses should take out a Unified Endpoint Management Solution to reduce the amount of time they spend trying to manage devices, security and access.

So how can a UEM solution help your business?


Most UEM solutions will allow you to protect your company data and easily monitor your devices. With next-generation encryption, antivirus and ransomware protection built in as standard, your devices will be safe from malicious apps and suspect links without you having to manage it all.


At CSG, we use Sophos Mobile. You’re able to install, remove and view apps on a company device, you can manage and configure Office 365 apps, control what apps are allowed to be downloaded and what apps are prohibited. The single console solution also makes it easier to create and distribute your policies.


Instead of logging into different consoles and managing devices from different portals, Sophos Mobile gives you full management capabilities for all of your devices on one console. You can see everything on one screen and no longer have to waste time trying to manage everything across different platforms.


With Sophos Mobile, you can spend less time focusing on device management and let your team work on their own devices, improving productivity. With the security solution that comes as standard, your risk of a breach is also reduced so you can sleep easy.

What about Bring Your Own Device?

Instead of providing work phones and laptops, do you allow your team to bring in their own devices? Again, this can pose a huge security risk if it’s not managed properly.

With Sophos Mobile you don’t just protect company devices. You can also roll it out on personal devices as well.  The flexibility of Sophos Mobile means you can add, and more importantly remove, devices at the click of a button. You can set up devices, reset passwords and manage access all from the portal.  You can also use Container-only Management, which gives admin control over your business data in certain apps without having to manage the mobile device itself.


Implementing any security solution can seem like a big task with an even bigger cost. However, Mobile Device Management is actually extremely cost effective. With a simple per user setup, you can manage and protect your company and personal devices that hold sensitive data for a fixed monthly fee.  You can pick and choose what you install on each device so you aren’t wasting money on applications or features that one person may not use.  With the Container-only Management tool, you can do all of this and protect your business data without interfering with the users privacy.

So how can you manage emails and work documents on a mobile?

If your workforce is mostly mobile or you have employees that use their own device for work, having a strong email security solution in place is key to keeping your data safe. With Sophos Secure Email, you can separate office emails, calendars and contacts from someone’s private data. If that member of staff were to leave the company, you can easily remove access to these applications.

You can also change it quickly if an employee was using a new device.  For personal devices it’s perfect as you have access to anti-phishing technology that will protect your employees from malicious content and even links. The control centre allows you to even restrict what users can copy, paste and open a document with.


With Sophos Secure Workspace you can manage, edit, view and distribute content without leaving the container environment. This means your documents remain secure, encrypted and with anti-phishing technology, employees will be protected from dangerous links within a document.


Sophos Mobile Security protects your devices without reducing battery life and performance.  It has award-winning antivirus, ransomware protection, privacy advisor, web protection, web filtering and Man-in-the-Middle threat detection which will notify you immediately if a device is compromised. So if you have a large mobile workforce and you want to ensure your data is safe, making sure you have some form of mobile device management and security is key!

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