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Unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Teams is set to become significantly more effortless with an array of fresh Copilot features and enhancements.

Microsoft has unveiled several new AI-driven tools in its endeavour to guarantee that the video conferencing platform remains supportive and effective for professionals worldwide.

The tech giant is committed to ensuring that the updates to Microsoft Teams enhance productivity across all aspects. They affirm that Copilot is already helping users save over 10 hours per month on average.

Microsoft Teams Copilot

Firstly, there’s an initiative aimed at enhancing collaboration within Microsoft Teams by integrating chat with Copilot. Soon, Copilot will leverage both the meeting chat and call transcript to provide information and insights during meetings, offering a comprehensive overview of the meeting’s discussions accessible to all participants.

Additionally, users will have the ability to revise any chat messages generated using a personalised prompt. For instance, if they wish to include a call to action, Microsoft notes that Copilot will soon have the capability to craft a new message directly within the Teams chat, based on the context, thereby saving users time by offering a starting point.

Elsewhere, the intelligent call recap tool is receiving a Copilot enhancement, extending to VoIP and PTSN calls in Teams in addition to video meetings, delivering insights and summaries of discussions to Teams Premium users.

For those striving to present their best selves during calls, Microsoft also announced that its IntelliFrame tool will be activated by default. This AI-powered feature identifies individual video feeds of all participants in the room, particularly beneficial for Teams Rooms calls.

Furthermore, automatic camera switching for IntelliFrame is being introduced, offering remote participants a more immersive view of the meeting room, ensuring they always have a clear perspective and fostering enhanced collaboration.

In addition, there’s an improvement in microphone quality and capture to enhance the accuracy of call transcripts, along with the introduction of voice isolation to make calls in noisy environments more pleasant for all participants.

“Our vision with Copilot is to bring the power of generative AI to everyone,” Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the news. “We are committed to [continually improving] the Copilot experience in Teams to help everyone be more creative and productive.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams is nothing new, of course, with the AI assistant playing a key role in evolving and improving the service to reflect new ways of working around the world.

Previously, this included users being able to ask Copilot “any question” – with the answers allowing them to “discover insights”.

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