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Here at CSG we wanted to share best practices for your team whilst remote working. Take a look at some best practices that can secure users during this difficult phase.

1.Change default passwords on home WiFi routers etc

Weak, insecure passwords make it easy for people to access your WiFi. And there will be a lot more people looking round for WiFi to use with all this home working.

2.Use different, strong passwords on every account and device.

This will severely limit hackers ability to access multiple accounts.

3.Update all your devices, applications and operating systems and keep them up to date .

They share a network with your work devices and so pose a threat if not sufficiently protected (and frankly you should do it to protect yourself anyway).

4. Disable WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) on home broadband/WiFi routers as it’s known to be insecure.

WPS PIN codes are susceptible to “brute force” hacking methods.

5.Ensure no-one is watching you (“shoulder surfing”) as you enter your work credentials on your device.

Be extra vigilant when working in public areas like cafes etc.

6.Ensure no-one has access to your work device when you are not present.

Lock your machine whenever you are not in front of it, such as if you’re going to answer the front door. (Children are often very quick to jump on an unlocked device).

For more top tips on staying secure whilst remote working call us on 0330 400 5465!

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