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Back by popular demand, join us this April for Security SOS Week - Podcast Summit 2020.

Five top security experts from Sophos are stepping up to the microphone each day to share their expertise in a series of 40-minute podcast interviews by Sophos’ very own Naked Security writer, and Senior Technologist Paul Ducklin.

Get up to speed on topics around malware, threat hunting, privacy, and, cyber security company defence strategies, without ever leaving your desk during Sophos Security SOS Week, taking place on 27th – 30th April.

April 27th – Intruder Alert (10:00am)

Hackers often spend weeks exploring your network before deploying their payload. Spot them before they strike and you’ll save your organisation huge amounts of pain and cost. Join this session to get top tips on how to spot an intruder on your network from a threat hunting expert. Peter will explain how sophisticated, multi-stage attacks work, the tell-tale signs you’ve got an intruder on your network, and what to do if you spot something suspicious.

To register for this webinar – click here.

April 28th – Security and Privacy – Two Sides of the Same Coin? (10:00am)

Privacy is a top concern for many people, fuelled by revelations of covert smartphone surveillance and worse, data breaches. Join James as he explores how to balance keeping data secure while stopping criminals from hiding in the shadows. Plus, with home/remote working soaring due to the coronavirus, we’ll explore how the network perimeter is expanding and what this means for security.

To register for this webinar – click here.

April 29th – Let’s Talk About Malware (10:00am)

Get under the enemy’s skin with fascinating insights from SophosLabs’ director of threat research. Fraser will take a deep dive into how threats work, sharing fresh discoveries from the Sophos Labs team and exploring the latest malware trends. Join this session to get the latest threat updates and to know what you’re up against.

To register for this webinar – click here.

April 30th – Red Team, Blue Team (10:00am)

Ever wondered how cyber security companies manage their own defences? Join this podcast to hear from the people responsible for keeping Sophos safe from cyber threats. Craig and Luke will share their team’s approach, the main challenges they face, and how they deal with common issues. You’ll get a host of best practices and insider info you can apply to your own organisation.

To register for this webinar – click here.

Join us to learn more about cyber security in 2020!

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