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Update to Microsoft Teams …

Update to Microsoft Teams …

The modern workplace continues to evolve and become increasingly more digital by the very week, including an emphasis on cloud-based software and systems.  With the world becoming more interconnected, the need to collaborate seamlessly with teams, and those that aren’t in your organisation, is becoming increasingly important. 

Whilst you may not be a stranger to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft has recently made an update to the popular platform, that is designed to improve business efficiency.  

Currently, Teams allows you to collaborate within your organisation, and also with external stakeholders, but the recent changes to Microsoft Teams make it even easier to collaborate with those outside of your team. 

Microsoft Teams Connect, allows you to seamlessly connect with those outside of your organisation, helping your extended team work effectively and efficiently across the outlook of your business.  

With the addition of shared channels, multiple organisations can work together in an efficient shared space, making use of all of Teams’ features such as chats, meeting scheduling, sharing screens and collaborating on apps, all without switching tenants.   

As of the end of March, Teams Connect shared channels will be available in public preview and will be included with Office 365/Microsoft Business, Enterprise and Education subscriptions.

Read more about the updates below …

Work across organisational boundaries as one extended team …

Channels are specific collaboration spaces within the team, helping organise conversations, projects etc in one location and with the addition of shared channels users can invite others to a specific channel without having to first add them to the team, avoiding oversharing and other connectivity issues to those outside the team. 

Whilst the standard and private channels have been proven to be great for connecting the internal team, many other collaboration needs are needed and this update provides a great opportunity for connectivity and the opportunity to streamline businesses to achieve greater outcomes.

For example, a team working on a new product will be able to share a channel with an external design agency and market research company to create one joint workspace across multiple organisations. 

Increasing speed, efficiency, transparency, accountability, and clear and open communication, particularly for people whose day-to-day work relies on collaborating with outside partners, suppliers, and customers.


‘A shared channel can be shared with as many organisations as you can specify in the Azure AD Cross-tenant access policy. You can also share a channel with an entire team within or across organisations. The channel’s membership will automatically be updated when a team member joins or leaves the team.’ – Microsoft


Seamlessly collaborate with external partners

The new update allows organisations to make use of shared channels to bring internal and external stakeholders together to help drive effective, and compliant collaboration as well as the ease of sharing files and work across organisations. Everyone on the channel, irrespective of their organisation, can upload, view and co-author at the same time – ensuring there are no permissions delays and promoting efficient working environments. 

Shared channel members will also be able to utilise a suite of app capabilities built to enhance cross-team collaboration. In-tenant and external channel members will be able to jointly take advantage of the power of apps for deeper collaboration.

You are always in control

Concerns about control are catered for and shared channels provide Teams admins with a range of controls to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Using Teams policies, admins can control whether users can create a shared channel, share channels with people outside the organisation, and participate in an external shared channel – giving you the peace of mind needed to fully dive into the new Teams update. 

Future proof your IT with CSG … 

If your organisation is looking to future proof its IT with Microsoft, we’d highly recommend speaking with our experts to achieve those goals. 

We’ve built a team with a deep understanding of cloud-based services and have recently become Microsoft Gold certified, as well as Datto and Sophos Gold certified, ensuring we’re in the very best position to assist you in getting the most out of your IT, especially with regards to the new Teams Connect updates. 

With shared channels rolling in March, administrators can now join Teams public preview and get ready to make use of the shared channels and their benefits. 

If you feel you need assistance in making the most of the update or any other query regarding Microsoft’s products or anything IT, then please contact us below. 

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T: 0330 400 5465


Level up your IT with our team of friendly experts and contact us today!!

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