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Using a virtual meeting space takes away the stress and expense of on-site meetings. For example, if your head office is in London and your staff are spread out across the UK, you as a company have to pay for their transport into the City. There could be delays, breakdowns and issues with public transport that could cause all sorts of problems. During that travel time, staff are also unproductive.

Horizon Collaborate can:

  • Streamline the meeting process – everyone just clicks ‘join’. There are no access codes or dial-in numbers.
  • No multitasking – staff are present in the meeting as you are keeping them focused on their screens.
  • Fast response times – with the instant messaging feature, staff can easily ask a question to anyone not in the meeting. Simply click on their name, drag and drop them into the meeting and they get an invite to join in real time.

Video conferencing is the way forward when it comes to keeping in touch with your team, saving you and your staff time and money.

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