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When you consider that the average construction project suffers 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late, there’s clearly a great need for software that can help you to deliver projects on time, within budget and transform your profitability.

Developed specifically for the construction industry, Pegasus CIS recognises the complex business requirements of the construction sector, offering an unparalleled level of management control over contracts and subcontractors.

We can offer you:

  • Integrated Management Software – Pegasus CIS is a solution specifically designed for the construction and allied industries.
  • Simplifying Administration – Controlling the costs of a project can be a daunting task for many companies in the construction industry.
  • Contract Costing Software – It eases the administrative burden of running construction projects, whilst providing all the management tools necessary to ensure that all critical information is readily available to the management team.
  • Flexible Analysis & Sophisticated Reporting – The Management Information System (MIS) facilities that are available across the whole of the Pegasus CIS software range easily adapt to the analytical requirements of a business.
  • Remove Duplication of Workload – Pegasus CIS is fully integrated into the accounts system; the prime requirement is to eliminate any double posting of transactions so that no manual posting is required.

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