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Pegasus Opera 3 is the accounting and business software solution that can be fully integrated throughout your business for a unified view, eliminating the need for separate finance, payroll, CRM, supply chain or service systems.

Developed specifically for everyone in your business including accounts, payroll, sales and logistics, the application features customisation, configuration and set-up options allowing you to build the specific solution you need to suit your particular business. It means you can buy what you need, when you need it, and expand the Pegasus business software as your business grows.

Pegasus Opera 3 instantly delivers the required information at the right time, allowing you fully informed decision making. Pegasus software is completely up-to-date with legislative changes; you need have no concerns about compliance. Pegasus Opera 3 is the ideal solution for growing businesses that need more power, more users or more flexibility.

As a Pegasus Centre of Excellence and experts in business software for over 30 years, CSG will advise you on the software to suit your requirements and provide dedicated project implementation services to ensure your business gets the most from your Pegasus investment.

As a charity, it’s crucial that we have a broad understanding of our finances and full grasp on our budgets. Opera 3 gives us control over our finances and more than meets our requirements. Information can be easily accessed and interpreted, even by non-finance employees. Thanks to Opera 3, and the associated support and training we receive from CSG, not only are we more informed but productivity has increased thanks to the efficiency savings the software brings.


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