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In line with the Cyber Essentials Certification, it is required that only necessary software, accounts and apps are used.

Normally, the default settings on a device are set to open when first launched. Manufacturers switch everything on in a bid to make the device more usable. Not changing from these settings could risk cyber attackers gaining access to your device and your data.

Check your settings

Whenever we provide you with a new device, we will set it up before we deliver it to you. In doing this, we can make sure the security levels have been raised in line with the Cyber Essentials Certification. We will disable or remove anything that you do not need, and will only allow access to applications you do need.

Passwords are king

What would happen if someone stole your works laptop or phone and there was no password protection on it? What would be at risk of being stolen? Customer data? Financial details? Critical documents? Passwords are one of the best ways to stop unauthorised users accessing your device, but they should also be easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess. If any default passwords have been set, always change them. If you have touch ID, it is recommended you apply that as well.

Ramp up the security

Where possible, always enable two-factor authentication. It can be annoying when you have to input two pieces of information, however if your device was stolen or if hackers try to find a way in, unless they have access to the other form of authentication, they would struggle to get in.

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