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CSG offers a range of tariffs for you to choose from. Find out more below!

Pay as you Use/Pay as you Go

This tariff does what it says on the tin. Instead of paying a set tariff for data, calls and texts, you only pay for what you use. This is great for someone who does not use their phone a lot and would not benefit from what an inclusive bundle could offer. It is not suited for someone who travels abroad a lot and uses their phone whilst they are out there, as charges vary around the world.

Inclusive Tariffs

We can work with your business on a bespoke basis and can tailor tariffs to your team. If you need a lot of mobile data because staff are away from the office (and the Wi-Fi), or they make a lot of calls and texts, we can offer an inclusive tariff so that you won’t get caught out by any nasty bills!

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