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According to the 'National Cyber Security Centre,' if you're a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) then there's around a 1 in 2 chance that you'll experience a cyber security breach.

Here are four steps to help you as you begin building a cyber security strategy to fit your business in order to keep malicious hackers from getting in.

1) Define your company’s current cyber security status

Get together with your IT Support Team and get an in-depth audit or cyber security risk assessment to see which measures you already have in place, what can be improved and what new measures need to be introduced.

Questions to ask: 
– What defences are currently in place?
– Are these defences working?
– Is our strategy all inclusive and coordinated?
– What new measures could we benefit from?

2) Identify who is accountable for your cyber security

Engage employee leaders from all different areas of your organisation e.g. Marketing Execs, HR managers, Sales directors. This will help not only make more departments aware of cyber security risks, but allows responsibility to be spread across the organisation. Other players include; your lawyers, insurance brokers and accountants or auditors.

Questions to ask:
– Who should be responsible? One person or One department, or multiple?
– What process should we implement to ensure accountability?
– How can we increase awareness throughout the organisation?

3) Prioritise your assets, assess their value and add protection measures accordingly

Identify what are essentially  the ‘crown’s jewels’ in your organisation- whether it be financial data, employee records, or customer data. Recognise that you will never be completely protected if an attack were to occur and priorities extra security measures and back-up recovery measures around this notion.

Questions to ask: 
– What are the most important assets we need to protect or can’t risk losing?
– What about customer data? Financial records? Confidential contracts?

4) Decide what business capabilities and cyber security measures you want to manage yourself and what you want to outsource

Consider whether it makes sense to sort out your IT security needs internally via an employed IT team or person, or whether it is more effective for your business to outsource all of it’s IT and cyber security services to a company that will offer 24/7 managed support and monitoring.

Questions to ask: 
– What benefits come with outsourcing cyber security or IT service measures?
– Is this a better option than sorting IT and security measures internally?

The document below offers you a free guide to Cyber Essentials and why your business needs to update it’s safety measures regularly…

Cyber Essentials Ultimate Guide

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