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In the third part of our interviews with customers, we sat down with Jackie Arnold of ABS Ltd, to discuss their long-standing partnership.

Who is the client?


What do you do?

ABS Ltd, formed in 1978, offer a full range of professional services including the installation and maintenance of both radiant and warm air heating systems to both commercial and industrial properties throughout the UK.

We have 22 staff who work across the UK, with our head office in Gloucester.

What problems were you having with your IT systems?

We first got involved with CSG as we were running on Pegasus Opera and there are a number of local companies that didn’t offer the service. The original company that we used only provided us with the system and didn’t have any on-going support and maintenance cover. We needed a provider who could manage the systems for us as well as offer continued support.

Why did you choose CSG?

One of the reasons why we chose CSG was because a lot of the support we had with our incumbent provider was reactive instead of proactive. We were only making changes when we absolutely had to, which was impacting our service. When we met with the team, we were really impressed at what they could offer and made the move over.

How long have you been with CSG?

Over six years

What did CSG do?

We initially shifted our Pegasus account over to Ricky and the team, and as the years have gone by and the relationship has grown, they have carried out assessments on our systems and made recommendations for operating systems, upgrades, Office 365 and of course, Pegasus. They now manage our workstations and servers, look after our backups, anti-virus and look after all of the hardware.

What improvements have you seen since switching to CSG?

With CSG, everything is very proactive. Our account manager Ricky, is always on the phone letting us know of any changes months in advance, whereas our previous provider wasn’t like that. Everything has been brilliant.

We have had recent server changes and it has run smoothly. If someone was looking for an IT provider and they asked our opinion on CSG, I would say just do it. You won’t be disappointed. We’ve been really pleased with the support and they usually come back to us straight away.

Make sure you check back soon to see how we have helped other businesses across the UK.

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