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We have several customers who host their entire IT infrastructure within our secure data centre. But what are the benefits of this?

We’ve had a new customer come on board with us recently, and they have chosen to host their infrastructure within our secure data centre. All of their sites connect in remotely and they have lowered their costs, as we provide the infrastructure and security necessary, whilst they still have full control over their systems.

So what are the benefits of hosting your infrastructure within a data centre?


Certified to ISO: 27001 standards, we ensure our infrastructure and your hardware are secure. With 24/7 on-site security, access protocol and 2.8m razor wire prison fencing, we guarantee the only people accessing your hardware is you.

100% Power Uptime

Our continuous power, provided by UPS battery systems, will ensure your business is online 24/7/365. If there is a power failure, our generators will kick in, guaranteeing uptime for your systems.

Fire Protection

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is installed in every facility. These sensitive, two-stage detectors are linked to the Data Centre Infrastructure Management System. They are monitored continually from our network operations centre.

Super Cool

Air conditioning and Cold Aisle Containment provides the optimum temperature for your IT equipment. It will prevent the need for early hardware refreshes, saving you time and money.


Another advantage of hosting your infrastructure within our data centre, is that you only pay for what you use. It’s up to you how much or how little storage you have and you can scale as and when needed.

Reduce Costs

As you don’t have to host all of your infrastructure within your building, you remove the large costs that come with maintaining, managing and powering an in-house server.


If you would like to discuss switching to our data centre, get in touch on 0330 400 5465!

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