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Happy New Year everyone! To kick off 2021 we have done our research in to the latest Cyber Security predictions for this year. In a recent article published by Forbes they have uncovered numerous updates for Cyber Security in 2021 which we are keen to explore...

“PWC’s latest survey found that 96% of executives have shifted their cyber security strategy due to Covid-19 and 40% of executives say they are accelerating digitisation.”

Covid-19 really threw a lot of spanners in the works when it comes to cyber security – especially due to the fact that there was a significant increase in the amount of people home-working. This meant that companies had to come up with quick cyber-security plans that were going to keep their employees protected when working in their home environment, whilst being connected to their home broadband.

Due to Covid-19 in 2020 we saw a vast increase in the amount of data breaches occurring worldwide. This was due to numerous factors including emails being disguised as legitimate by imitating prestigious health organisations (e.g. World Health Organisation). Therefore, in 2021 we have to ensure that companies are aware of the risks and know what measures are needed to prevent these breaches reoccurring.

  • 55% of enterprise executives plan to increase their cyber security budgets in 2021. And even more are adding cyber security staff to their company. This reinforces PWC’s recent finding that cyber security is more “business-critical” than ever before.

  • According to Forbes, Next-gen identity and access management, messaging security and network security are the three hotspots of enterprise cybersecurity spending in 2021.

  • Furthermore, Password-less authentication, cloud workload protection platform and cloud security posture management are predicted to be among the most influential technologies in cyber security within the next three years.



What CSG think your New Years Resolutions should be…

  1. Make sure all of your cyber security measures are contemporary and up to date in order to fight off the most recent cyber security attacking trends.
  2. Ensure you have the most basic levels of protection against security attacks at least, these being priority: Firewall protection, Email security and Endpoint protection security.
  3. Update all of your staff regularly to ensure they are aware of the newest cyber attacking risks, in order for them to look out for anything dodgy.
  4. Ensure your IT services provider gives you all the support you need to fight cyber-crime.


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