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Outsourcing Your IT & It's Benefits

The significance of digital technology is growing for virtually all businesses. There is considerable pressure on companies not only to adopt IT solutions but also to offer robust internal IT support and services. Many enterprises opt to achieve this by outsourcing their IT support.

Your business’s operations heavily rely on IT infrastructure, regardless of whether you’re a legal firm, manufacturing company, charity, or hair salon. If you’re contemplating the idea of outsourcing your IT support to ensure dependable assistance, it’s crucial to select a provider that meets all the necessary criteria.

When your IT systems experience downtime, your business operations come to a halt. Invoices remain unpaid, customer data becomes inaccessible, and employees are unable to perform their tasks. At such times, your choice of an IT support provider becomes paramount, as you want assurance that operations will be swiftly restored.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the key considerations for outsourcing your IT needs. Whether you’re navigating this process for the first time or seeking to switch providers, it’s essential to pose the right questions and evaluate your organisation’s needs across the board to confidently choose the right outsourcing partner for your IT requirements.

Reasons for Outsourcing IT Support Services:

Expertise at a High Level

The success of your business initiatives hinges on competent execution. You desire the assurance that you’re in capable hands. Beyond seeking references and case studies, you can verify the qualifications of the IT provider’s engineers.

For instance, if you’re planning to migrate your email server to Microsoft 365, it’s crucial that the chosen company possesses the necessary qualifications. Checking for Microsoft competencies such as Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions can provide insights into their expertise level.

Outsourcing IT support is especially beneficial for many companies, particularly small to medium-sized ones, as it enables access to a higher level of IT expertise. Smaller organisations often struggle to attract IT professionals with the requisite skills. Outsourcing provides them with access to the expertise they need.

Inconsistent IT support needs to pose another challenge. Some days might witness heavy workloads, while others remain quiet. For many smaller businesses, the workload isn’t consistent enough to justify in-house IT support. Here again, the size of the organisation complicates hiring and retaining IT staff. Outsourcing addresses this issue.

A shortage of local expertise is also a common concern. Outsourcing widens the talent pool, as geographical limitations are lifted. Working with an IT company from a different city or country becomes feasible, offering access to a broader range of skills.

Cost Savings

A survey indicates that 69% of UK companies outsource as a strategy to cut costs. The reasons behind this are evident. Outsourcing brings substantial financial savings, extending beyond wages. Companies that outsource IT benefit from:

  • Not having to hire dedicated IT personnel, which eliminates expenses for training and benefits.
  • The ability to engage on a project basis, paying only for completed work. Long-term contracts that may become cost-ineffective are avoided.
  • No expenses for hardware, equipment, or storage. Outsourcing often delivers higher quality than in-house alternatives within budget constraints, an important consideration given the rapid pace of technological advancement.

Maintaining Focus on Core Activities

Outsourcing IT offers a significant advantage, freeing up resources otherwise dedicated to in-house IT maintenance. Smaller companies with in-house IT often find tech-savvy employees allocating work time to IT issues rather than their core responsibilities. Outsourcing ensures that all staff remain dedicated to their primary roles.

Enhanced Productivity

An indirect yet vital benefit is the superior value-added services that dedicated IT companies can provide compared to small in-house teams. Outsourcing opens doors to additional services that boost productivity. For instance, it enables access to tools facilitating remote work or enhancing data security.

Selecting the right companies that align with your business operations and preferences is crucial. Chances are, you’ll be partnering with the chosen IT outsourcing organisation for at least a year. Thus, ensuring satisfaction with their operational methods is vital.

It’s recommended to inquire about the processes in place for managing your partnership. Understand how service requests are made, how engineers are assigned, and how job status is communicated. Enquire about the use of service management software. Asking these questions aids in comparing potential outsourcing providers.

Risk Mitigation

In-house IT often reacts to issues rather than preempting them. Outsourcing teams monitor your IT network around the clock to anticipate problems. This minimises the risk of productivity-affecting issues. Additionally, outsourced IT support guarantees a skilled team is ready to address problems whenever they arise.

Similar Prior Experience

It’s essential to verify if the prospective providers have handled comparable projects. Each IT company might specialise in various areas. Some focus on telecoms, others on software development, and some on cybersecurity forensics.

For instance, ACUTEC specialises in IT Support, Cloud Services, Software Development, and Security. Areas outside of our specialisation are deliberately avoided to ensure excellence in our chosen fields.

Understanding Business Goals

Distinguishing between outsourcing IT and having an IT partner is crucial. The latter is recommended, viewing the partner as an entity collaborating to achieve your objectives. An effective IT partner suggests technology pertinent to your business operations.

When evaluating outsourcing options, consider whether the companies have invested time in understanding your business. They should exhibit interest in your activities and how technology can enhance them.

Advantages of Outsourcing to a Microsoft Managed Service Provider

Amidst the numerous outsourcing options, one effective strategy is to focus on Microsoft Managed Service Provider. This approach offers dual benefits: it narrows down the options for easier assessment while ensuring a high standard of work quality.

Microsoft Managed Service Providers undergo stringent vetting by Microsoft to ascertain their excellence. Achieving partnership status mandates customer references, certified Microsoft professionals on staff, and thorough assessments. This recognition signifies their expertise and commitment.

Microsoft Managed Service Providers have access to exclusive Microsoft tools, continuous online technical support, and participation in Microsoft training programs. This equips them with superior tools, techniques, and training, enhancing the quality of services they deliver to clients.

Outsourcing Your IT Support with CSG

Outsourcing to CSG offers numerous advantages for businesses, ranging from enhanced productivity and content employees to heightened customer satisfaction. By entrusting CSG with the protection of your systems and data, you gain invaluable peace of mind, enabling your business to concentrate on its core strengths rather than expending time and energy on IT infrastructure maintenance.

CSG specialises in delivering efficient, straightforward solutions, all without unnecessary expenses and complex jargon. Our dedicated team at CSG Support provides a diverse array of services customised to your specific business needs. With a track record of delivering top-notch IT support to over 400 SMEs, we take immense pride in our established reputation and are committed to its continued excellence.

If you have any questions or are ready to book a consultation, then please contact us today.



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