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You may have seen our previous articles on Windows 7 end of life over the last few months and safety concerns if you don’t upgrade your systems to Windows 10.

The clock is ticking and in just seven short months, security updates and patches will not be rolled out. Yet some businesses are pushing back as they think it won’t have impact on them.
Check out our myth busting facts below!

Myth #1

“We aren’t a big company and haven’t had a cyber-attack yet. It won’t change just because we don’t update our systems straight away”.

In reality…

60% of medium sized businesses and 61% of large businesses surveyed, reported a cyber-attack in early 2019. The average cost? £22,700. Microsoft have released a warning outlining a flaw in the system for all products below Windows 10, exposing them to a serious vulnerability. Do you really want to risk this? Could you afford to risk this?

Myth #2

“We will still be able to get support from Microsoft, they won’t just ignore us.”

In reality…

No, Microsoft won’t ignore you, however they have been issuing warnings for the last 18 months outlining the need to upgrade. Currently, Windows 7 is in its extended support stage. This means that Microsoft will keep patching and updating. For now. When it hits end of life on January 14th 2020, they won’t be issuing updates and they won’t be making fixes; because of this, you will open your business up to hacks, viruses, malware and other security flaws.

Myth #3

“Our applications won’t migrate across and we will lose a lot of important information.”

In reality…

99% of apps on your Windows 7 system are compatible with Windows 10 and Microsoft are working on that pesky 1% to fix any compatibility issues.

Don't waste time and upgrade your systems today!

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