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Cyber crime is on the rise and because of this we have ensured our staff are here to help. Lee Milsom has become our Certified Information Security Manager.

Over the past few years, the level of cyber crime has shot through the roof and has become an industry all by its self. Although illegal it is now worth over £1.5 trillion and that number is still growing. Hackers capitalise on the information they take from companies through gaps in their software, firewalls and other loopholes leaving the company to pay the hefty price. Data breaches can cripple companies and leave them liable for millions of pounds in damages and costs to rectify any mistakes after they have suffered an infiltration.

Here at CSG, preventing any of that happening is our top priority. We have invested in this certification ensuring that the knowledge Lee has developed will benefit us and our clients. It will allow him to implement ever-changing policies and procedures that will safeguard CSG and our clients from the heightening risk of breaches and infiltrations. We have implemented a robust environment where IT Governance, IT Risk Management and Compliance is our main focus. Keeping CSG and our clients at the forefront of cyber security and protecting our systems from every angle possible is our priority.

Don't let your systems let you down when it comes to security.

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