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It’s terrifying to think that a hospital in the UK would have to turn away all but critical patients due to a ransomware outbreak, let alone three!

But that is what three hospitals in Alabama are having to do following a debilitating ransomware infection.

Hitting at the start of last week, DCH Health Systems announced: “”A criminal is limiting our ability to use our computer systems in exchange for an as-yet unknown payment.” New admissions were diverted, ambulances sent to other hospitals and all but those who were critical were sent to other facilities.

Whilst the systems were down, staff had to use paper copies of everything instead of digital records.

Now, it has already happened in the UK, when WannaCry hit the NHS like a wrecking ball back in 2017. It cost over £92 million, locked out users on 200,000 computers and resulted in over 19,000 appointments being cancelled.

Cyber criminals don’t follow a code of ethics as you can see. They don’t care if they target a small business in Wales or a large multi-national corporation. All they look at is how likely it is someone will click on a malicious link/download and how much money can they get from it.

It is so important that businesses are running on updated systems such as Windows 10 and they employ a disaster recovery solution. There needs to be regular backups and they need to be tested as well to ensure data and systems can be restored if an infection was to occur.

The systems that we provide can run daily screenshot verification and application checks so you are safe in the knowledge it can be restored, in the event of needing disaster recovery. Don’t leave it to chance. If you’re not sure about the stability of your solution, or you don’t have anything in place, get in touch with our team for a no obligation consultation on how we can help.

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