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Cyber threats are increasingly becoming more and more popular due to an increase in remote working. Malware - a malicious software- can be harmful to all computer users and can come in various forms, and perform a variety of functions. This includes data breaches, fraud, stealing and can cause viruses or spyware to live on your machine.

The most common form of malware is phishing emails. These emails are targeting small, medium and large businesses and are designed to look as though they have come from health organisations, charities or large multinational corporations.

They usually contain links or attachments that if clicked are riddled with malware that can infect your machine.

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15 Ways To Protect Your Business

So, how do we prevent this malware getting into our systems?

  • Firewalls¬†– these act as a shield to prevent your system from unwanted traffic that could be detrimental to your device, thus your business. Sophos XG firewall features full network, web, mail and web application security with VPN functionality.
  • Email Protection – this prevents threatening, spam emails from entering your inbox by blocking any unrecognised email addresses. Email laundry is an efficient email security service that protects organisations like ourselves from ransomware attacks.
  • Antivirus Systems – these systems can prevent dangerous viruses from infecting your computer, E.g. Webroot with Spy sweeper also prevents viruses in the form of spyware.
  • Data Recovery Systems¬†– in the case of a cyber attack it is important to have a good back-up system in place. Datto back-up recovery utilises cloud technology and local data centers to ensure your data is secure and protected.


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