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CSG’s Cyber Security Assessment 365

89% Of Business Owners See Cyber Security as a Top Priority… 

But with 55% of businesses being subject to serious cyber attacks every year, it would seem that some businesses owners aren’t doing everything to protect their files, data and information. 

Here at CSG, we offer a cyber security assessment of your systems.  Designed to give you a fact based action plan to improve overall security. 

‘Cyberattacks are costly and disruptive and vulnerabilities are all too common for most organizations. A well-designed Cybersecurity Assessment carried out on a regular basis, provides you with a risk- and fact-based view of the challenges and opportunities associated with cybersecurity and helps address rapidly changing cybersecurity threats and risks’


How our assessment works

CSA 365 is an automated security assessment that provides insights into your organisation’s security vulnerabilities, based on data from your infrastructure and Microsoft 365 services.

CSA 365 collects relevant data by:

  • Scanning the Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Scanning configuration & content of Office 365, SharePoint & Intune
  • Analysis of endpoints and other systems in your on-premise network

The Benefits?

With CSA365, CSG can help your organisation build a cyber security roadmap based on discovered facts from the 365 & Azure environment.

The service:

  • CSG will manage the entire process – You don’t need to do anything
  • Provides intelligent analysis of your security posture along with easy to follow steps for remedial action
  • Shows that you work towards compliance
  • Offers risk-based action plan for security improvements

The Cyber Security Assessment 365 helps you to assess your organization’s cybersecurity status and to create a fact-based action plan to improve overall cybersecurity. 

It’s the perfect way to maximize security and to demonstrate you are taking security seriously.

You can read more about our assessment below… 


And if you value your organisation's security, and feel you’d benefit from CSG’s expert I.T. solutions, then please feel free to contact us below … 0330 400 5465

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